“When I become president I’ll send engineers to the sun to see if there if enough land over there “, Malema

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It looks like the land issue in South Africa might soon be resolved. Saying that the land here on earth is not enough for all of us, land lover and EFF leader Julius Son of the soil Malema said on Saturday that as soon as he becomes president he will send engineers to the sun to see if there is enough land over there for the people of earth, “We have been fighting because of land down here for trillions of years  while there could be enough land in other planets like the sun to accommodate all of us and our children after us”, he said. “I wonder why scientists are busy going to Mars, the moon and all those other useless places. They should go to the sun, there is enough land and electricity over there. They never have load shedding on the son. I’m sending engineers there as soon as I become president” he said. At publishing time, Malema was busy googling, checking how long it would take engineers to travel to the sun and come back to earth with answers.


~Editor’s Note: The above is a satire article 


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