“We built South Africa with our own hands, all the mountains and trees you see were built by us”, The son of the soil clarifies

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Saying that he is sick and tired of people claiming they own South Africa, The son of the soil Julius had no choice but to clarify were South Africa really comes from.
”I have been avoiding this question for a while now. But the more I keep quiet the more I hear people saying warawarawara about our country. They do not know that we built this country with our own hands,” the son of the soil told media on Wednesday.

”All the mountains we see, the trees and rivers… were built by us,”he said. “So there is no one who can tell me he owns the land. I was there when this country was built in the years 2000. I saw everything,”


Julius says if it wasn’t for his brick laying skills, there would be no South Africa to talk about in the first place, “so stop saying warawarawara about South Africa. You see that table mountain you love so much? I built it. I’was the brick layer there,”

Malema says since people are fighting so much about who owns the land, he is planning to leave South Africa and go build another country from scratch, “If they don’t stop this none sense, I will leave!”, he concluded.

~Editor’s Note: The above is a satire article 


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