Unprotected sex is still the leading cause of pregnancies and other things, Health Ministry reveals

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Most people in South Africa fall pregnant and they wonder how it happened. According to the health ministry in the country, many people may be falling pregnant as a result of unprotected sex. 

“After a careful study that was conducted over nine billion years, we as the ministry have finally realized that unprotected sex causes pregnancies. Many of our people have been falling pregnant and they would normally not know how it happened. Well, unprotected sex is the culprit”, said Health ministry spokesperson Bafazi Badubile Didekile.

Pregnancies are not the only thing caused by unprotected sex apparently, the ministry revealed. From unprotected sex, it seems people can also get  STD’s,”We’ve also learned that people can also get sick from unprotected sex. People, protect yourselves. If you don’t have protection, find a plastic bag or something. Always wear something”, the spokesperson said.


Editor’s Note: The above is a satire article

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