“There is no such thing as oxygen. We are breathing air, not oxygen”, Malema

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Saying that he had never in his life seen a thing called oxygen, EFF leader Julius Malema said on Thursday said that people and animals breathe air, not oxygen.

“We have always been made to believe that we breathe oxygen. We were lied to for so many years by people who have never seen this oxygen they tell us about themselves. Show me one person who has ever seen oxygen” the furious man said.


Malema says he has seen air many times in his life but he has never seen oxygen, “Actually I see air everyday. That’s why I believe we breathe air. We are not going to be told what to believe in by people who don’t know anything” he said.

Malema and his friends will protest outside parliament this weekend to demand that the word ‘oxygen’ be removed from the EFF dictionary.



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