“Poor people can’t dance. If you dance while you are poor, you will be poor for the rest your life. Only rich people can dance”, Groenewald warns South Africans to sit down after Ramaphosa’s speech

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Local politician and FF Plus leader Petrus Johannes “Pieter” Groenewald has condemned the request by president Cyril Ramaphosa to South Africans asking them to do the Jerusalema dance challenge on Heritage Day this month as the country goes from Level-2 of the lockdown to Eevwl-1.

“No no no no man… I’m going to politicize this simple thing that is meant to unite the people and let them have fun. How can Ramaphosa ask the people of this country to dance when we are faced with so much poverty? Doesn’t he know poor people can’t dance?”, the fearless leader of the FF-Plus asked his three followers this week.


“Dancing is for the rich and famous. Not poor people”, he said before warning everyone of the dangers of dancing while you are poor, “If you dance while you are poor, you will be poor for the rest of your life. South Africans must sit down.

Asking South Africans to dance during this time is like saying the poor and starving should eat cake. I love cake but I won’t eat it”, he said before promising his three followers that he will politicize everything Ramaphosa says going forward, “even if he asks us to breathe, I will have a problem with that”, he said.

~Editor’s Note: The above is a satire article 


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