Motorists urged to switch off their headlights when driving at night to help Eskom save electricity

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Saying that Eskom is really under a lot of  strain at the moment, the minister of Energy in South Africa Gwede Mantashe pleaded with South Africans on Monday afternoon  to please switch off the headlights of their cars when they are driving at night to help Eskom save electricity, “Eskom is under a lot of strain as we speak. And then you find people driving at night with their lights on. Please comrades let us work together on, at least until Eskom is back on its feet, then you can drive around at night with your lights on” the minister said in Johannesburg pleading with SA motorists to please play their part in ensuring electricity is not wasted in the country. “Each car uses a lot of electricity each time the lights are turned on, I can’t even mention how much electricity is wasted when the occupants of the car decide to turn the radio on. This is no time to be listening to the radio and turning your lights on unnecessarily. We are facing a crisis”, he said. “Air conditioners in cars are not to be turned on at all. Open your windows if you are feeling hot. Close them if you are feeling cold” he said in his conclusion. At publishing time, energy experts in the country had requested a meeting with the minister to try to explain to him that a car’s headlights and radio do not use electricity from Eskom. That’s why cars never have load shedding.


~Editor’s Note: The above is a satire article 


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