“Most men do not fall pregnant because they do not go on their periods, they must drink more red wine”, Minister of Pregnancies

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Saying that most mothers in South Africa are women, the government in the country revealed on Friday that this is due to the fact that most men don’t usually have their periods at the right time of the month or ever. 

Speaking in Pretoria, the minister of Pregnancies in the country Ayanda Amawele revealed that it is mostly women who experience period pains and mood swings because they are the ones who often have their periods once a months, “men don’t know how painful it it is to be on your periods. That’s because they rarely have their periods. All they do is drink alcohol. They don’t know the pain of going for nine long months without alcohol because you’re pregnant”, she said.


Amawele says if men bled at least once a month, they would also fall pregnant and become mothers, “men of South Africa , eat the right food. Drink red wine and eat a lot of grapes. Don’t forget beetroot. These will help you a lot. Then keep on trying until you catch”, she said before drinking up a glass full of red wine.

~Editor’s Note: The above is a satire article 


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