Malema announces he will never use guns again after learning they were invented by whites

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Saying that he did not know that guns were invented by white people, EFF leader Julius Malema revealed last night that he will never ever touch a gun or take a picture of a gun again in his life after learning that the first gun ever was made by Richard Gatling, a white man in the 1860s.

“I was always under the impression that guns began in Africa. My uncles always told me that everything began in Africa. That’s why I always felt free firing guns in public and posting pictures of them on my Twitter page. I guess I was lied to my whole life,” an obviously mentally disturbed Julius  Malema told press after learning that the DA wants to lay criminal charges against him for posting a picture of a gun and inciting public violence on his Twitter account. “I will never ever touch a gun again in my life. I will only use riffles and pistols” he said.


At publishing time, Malema had also discovered that whites and farmers also breathe the same air that he breathes. He promised to never ever breathe air again in his life.

~Editor’s Note: The above is a satire article


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