“If farmers stop producing food we will eat corn flakes”, South African Minister of Police Entertainment

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Saying that farm murders are not classified as priority crimes, the minister of Police Entertainment in South Africa Bhekzaz Culu said this week that he does not like being put under the spotlight.

When one farmer asked the minister what the people of South Africa will eat if farmers stopped producing food, the minister said “This thing of yours of putting me on the spot and demanding I answer as you speak is arrogance, that was completely arrogant. You have no respect. You are not my magistrates. If you treat me like this, what do you do to the people who work for you. If farmers stop producing food we will eat corn flakes,” he said.


Culu said corn flakes are more nicer than other foods, and they are made in factories, “Farmers don’t know how to make corn flakes. Corn flakes are made by Kellogg’s…and they taste nice with milk”,the minister said. “Don’t ever put me under the spotlight like that ever again. I love corn flakes”, the minister told the farmers of South Africa.

~Editor’s Note: The above is a satire article 


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