Government officially bans doing homework in the car or in any form of public transport

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Saying that the word ‘home’ means a place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household; government permanently banned doing homework in cars or in  any form of public transport on Monday morning. 

Speaking to media about this very important matter, minister of Transport in South Africa Mr. Fear Fokol said cars, buses, trains and taxis are not homes and therefore people are not allowed to write homework in them, “Yes, cars have windows, doors and a roof. But they are not homes. A home is a home, a box with windows and doors and a roof… just like a car or a bus and train. But they don’t have wheel… just like trains….ohhhh sh1t. Does this mean boats are homes? I don’t know , I don’t know. But anyway… no writing of homework is allowed in cars from now on”, he said.

Mr. Fear Fokol says anyone caught breaking the law in this regard with have  to face the mighty hand of the law, “If anyone is caught… I mean anyone, I wil make sure that I tweet about them. So do yourself a favour and never write your homework in the car if you don’t want me to tweet about you”  he said. 


The number of people who do their homework in cars and in public transport dropped significantly soon after the new law was passed on Monday morning.

~Editor’s Note: The above is a satire article {The SA Vine is a satire website}


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