“Every South African household should have an airport”, reveals transport minister

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Saying that the spread of Covid-19 was a wake up call for everyone, Transport minister Fikile Mbalula on Sunday questioned why households have garages for cars and no airports for airplanes? “This is not fair,” he said.

“You see… if somebody wants to travel somewhere in their car they just head to the garage, get into their car and drive off. They don’t have to go crowded places where they can be exposed to deadly viruses and stuff,” the minister said.


”The same should be done with airplanes. People need to have airports in their back yards so they can avoid going to places like the OR Tambo International Airport to fly” he said.

The minister says this could help reduce the burden on SAA, “we must really consider the beautiful alternative. And when that happens, we will build till gates for airplanes” he concluded.

~Editor’s Note: The above is a satire article 


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